Alexandra van Maasdijk

Health coach

“I help people make informed healthy lifestyle and diet choices that suit their lives as our wellbeing often starts on the plate.”

What I can do for you

I empower you to feel good by getting your hormones and health back in shape.

What I do

Helping women understand the physiological changes and the shift in hormones that happen in (peri)menopause. Next step is explaining which diet, movement and lifestyle-tweaks can be made to get your hormones (back) in balance. As a result, you are able to make healthy lifestyle and diet choices that suit your life.

Who I am

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, I’ve lived in the Netherlands for thirteen years. Three years ago, I started out as a health coach and came to realise that most women, myself included, know very little about the menopause. It’s still a taboo, even in emancipated Northern Europe. This sparked a fire in me to do more research and another study in hormones so I could help women through this transition. As each woman, sooner or later, will experience this rite of passage.